The Holiday Blues

*Written by Peggy Burns MA LPC* Holidays are filled with many emotions: happy, excited, anticipation. It is a joyful time, waiting all year to spend the holidays together. Planning and preparing a meal, buying and wrapping presents can be time consuming and stressful. What is also stressful is when you are not feeling up to all the tasks because you...[ read more ]

Finding the Right Therapist

  So, you’ve finally admitted it. It’s time to get some support. The problem(s) that you’ve been dealing with on your own has become overwhelming. “Therapy will help” you say to yourself. For some, you find the perfect therapist right out of the gate. This isn’t the case for most people, however. As a therapist, whose been through my own...[ read more ]

When Mother’s Day is Hard

Written by Peggy Burns, LPC Mother's Day is normally a beautiful day to celebrate a very important person in our lives. I know I remember making all sorts of fun things for my Mom in elementary school and I thought that I bet she will be surprised! Little did I know that my five older brothers and sisters probably did...[ read more ]

The Seasons of Life

As I write this, the weather is turning from winter to spring. This is not a quick process, but if you start to pay attention, you’ll notice the subtle difference: there’s more day light, I haven’t pulled out my heavy boots in weeks, the birds are back and happily chirping outside, we haven’t had freezing temps in a while. The...[ read more ]

The Spinning Plates of Life

Today I want to talk about the concept of self-care and prioritization. We can wear a lot of different hats in our daily lives; as moms, wives, professionals, daughters, sisters, and dog parents, and sometimes we need a little help working out how to better-prioritize what we have spinning around in the air up there. I say ‘in the air...[ read more ]

Let’s talk about vulnerability

I’m scared as hell right now. The fact that I have Word open and am typing sentences for people to read, scares me. I’ve been in private practice for 4 years and blogging is something I always knew I “should” do. It’s been that nagging voice in my brain asking “so when are going to start that thing you’re afraid...[ read more ]

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