Peggy Burns

I grew up in a large family, three brothers and three sisters. There was always a lot happening in the house. I was the quiet one, always listening, watching what was going on. Perhaps that guided me toward the counseling profession. Coming from a large family has it’s ups and downs. In the last three years, I lost two brothers and a sister and most recently I lost my oldest daughter to cancer. Life is hard, can give you challenges, questions the meaning of life, can make you angry, bitter and hard to get through each day.
We can get through the day. We can talk it out, find a way to overcome the grief, the sadness, the loneliness we feel. It will become less painful, less heartbreaking. You will not always feel as bad as you do today.

I work with clients who are dealing with grief and loss. This can range from losing a parent, child, or friend but also losing a marriage, a job, or losing yourself. I work with clients who are suffering from anxiety and depression that can stop us from living the best life we can.

Life is full of transitions and struggles and I am here to help guide you through them. I am here to help you come out on the other side of it. Life is worth living and it will be again by working through the struggles and pain and becoming whole again.

137 N. Oak Park Avenue Suite 206
Oak Park, IL 60301
(708) 665-6733

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