The Seasons of Life

As I write this, the weather is turning from winter to spring. This is not a quick process, but if you start to pay attention, you’ll notice the subtle difference: there’s more day light, I haven’t pulled out my heavy boots in weeks, the birds are back and happily chirping outside, we haven’t had freezing temps in a while. The seasons are changing and it’s such a cool thing to witness.

The four seasons can be compared to the seasons of life. There are easy and hard things about each season. The ease of throwing on flip flops and shorts vs gearing up for a polar vortex with layers of clothing. Just a note: I live in the Midwest so winters can be brutal. Each season of life has easy and hard things and when your waist deep in it, it can be hard to see any changes because they are subtle.

Take me for instance, I’m a woman in her mid-30’s with 2 young boys and business that I run full time. I have a spouse who also has a full-time job. We have parents who are healthy and have the upkeep of our house that we bought last year. My season is different to the season my parents are in. They both still work full-time but are nearing retirement age. They have more disposable income and more time. Their house and yard should would an award for best kept (I think their yard DID win an award). They can meticulously pull weeds and still have time to chill around their built-in fire pit. Me? I’m glad someone cuts my lawn each week and, there’s a point in the summer, I ignore this one part of my yard because it grows like crazy.

I’ve come to accept this, though. I accept the hard part of my season and fully embrace the season that I’m in. It’s not easy MOST of the time. As my therapist reminded me, my heads not even above water yet. She added when my little one is 5 (he’s almost 3) I’ll be able to not feel like I’m drowning. Cool. But there’s some fun stuff under the surface.

There are some really great things about my season that I’m sure I’ll be sad to leave behind when it’s over. Like how my kids are pretty much overjoyed by an episode of Blaze
and the Monster Machine and some Goldfish. They are geeked for holidays and birthdays. They both scream “MOMMY” when I pick them up after work. I’m not dealing with major attitudes yet, nor do I have to worry about social media or who’s influencing them. They don’t smell yet (well not most of the time). See? Mrs. Brightside.

At one point I couldn’t wait until to be out of the last season, the having a toddler and newborn/infant season. It was really hard. But looking back now, I can see the fun in it. I wish I could’ve had some of that acceptance when I was in it. So, don’t wait until your current season is over to accept it and find the joy.

What season are you in? What’s easy and what’s hard about it? Thanks for reading.

*Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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