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Anxiety sucks. But it can also help motivate you. But it mostly sucks. The constant worrying and negative thoughts. Jumping to conclusions and expecting the worst. Anxiety keeps you from enjoying your life (and you’ve worked really hard to get here). Together we will put together an action plan to actually do something about this thinking pattern and get you feeling better.


Depression is isolating. Energy is at a low and there is no motivation. This can lead to really negative feelings about yourself. You’re not alone and this is not your fault. We’ll work our way through the darkness, together, to start seeing the light.


Trauma varies in severity from a hypothetical papercut to losing a limb. If you have enough papercuts, it can feel worse than losing a part of you. Trauma affects we see the world, see ourselves and our relationships. Using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) we work through these places that keep us stuck.


We all want connection. It’s the basis of the human condition. Does that seem difficult sometimes? Do you find yourself in the same pattern of relationships over and over again? Is it difficult to set boundaries and say “no?” We will dive into what’s working and what hasn’t to create a clearer path for your relationships.

Perinatal and Reproductive Mental Health

We provide support to women through the transition of motherhood. Working with women who are struggling to conceive or those that have lost a pregnancy or baby. We work with women in their pregnancy to manage the emotional highs and lows that can take place. We support women and partners during postpartum to help mom get on the road to physical and emotional well-being.

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