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You do IT ALL.

You have the house, the spouse (or partner), the career that you’ve always wanted (or at least you thought it was what you wanted) and maybe a few kids sprinkled in the mix. This is great, right? Then why doesn’t it feel great most of the time?

You are an expert worrier.

Your mood is rarely consistent. You feel guilty about most things and feel like you can’t win. You find yourself getting angry and frustrated at those you love. You can’t focus or relax and keep busy to avoid the quiet.  You think that it must be something you’re doing wrong. So, you work harder. You go for that promotion, take on more commitments, plan the family vacation, and try to practice self-care, but none of it helps long term.

Therapy can help you stop worrying and enjoy life’s moments.

It will teach you challenge the inner critic in your head that says you aren’t doing a good enough job. It can help reduce your anxiety and focus on what is in YOUR control.

You, remarkable woman, are in the right place.

At Better Balance Counseling, we work with women in all stages of life. From college, relationships and marriage, motherhood and parenting, career climbing and setbacks, divorce, and grief and loss. Our therapists, have worked with hundreds of clients to cope with transition………..

Finding a therapist can be overwhelming.

We get it. We’ve heard from so many clients saying the process of finding a therapist turns them off from therapy altogether.  Our practice prioritizes your time by actually returning every single email and phone we receive from potential clients. We will not leave you hanging. From the point of first contact to the first appointment, we make this process as simple and convenient as possible.

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Hillary Pilotto

Hillary Pilotto

Counselor, MA, LCPC